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Chesca Athas

A behind-the-scenes interview with the artist
behind our new favourite plate collection.

How did you get into illustration?

I have always had a pencil in hand, from colouring-in books as a young child to then starting my BFA at COFA. I've definitely used my social platform to build a personal portfolio and it all bloomed from there, I have gifted a few drawings to people + brands I love, as well as cold calling magazines. I feel very fortunate to call this my full-time job now, and looking forward to investing my semi-free time into an exhibition planned for July.

What do you love painting most?

Inanimate objects, I'm drawn to aesthetics and the simple beauty that certain objects depict. Despite my efforts to sometimes resist, I often find myself caving in to the influence of pop culture and contemporary trends, easily swayed by their pervasive presence and attraction.

Do you like to entertain or prefer to go out?

I prefer to eat out, or takeaway — I am a huge Uber Eats fan. I wish I enjoyed cooking but sadly it feels more like a chore.I love to set a table when I host drinks or dinner in my apartment (on the odd occasion), to me it just feels like another creative outlet and something you can really go crazy with.

What keeps you feeling inspired?

Objects and music. I love collecting knick-knacks and rearranging things in my home, particularly cutesie things like stuffed animals and dolls. I don't think I would be able to draw without my big headphones, I start the morning listening to Kanye's albums from start to finish and unwind with Lana for a slower afternoon, these artists and their songwriting really inspire me.

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Curved Ribbon Plate



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